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/20221031/ _ work [garden of phygitality] tag: [work] [phygital] [digi]
classification: autostereoscopic 3D LED display
location: Harajuku Tokyo Japan

team: Ellwood Chen & Austin Lightle

Autostereoscopic 3D LED display uses optical illusion to create stereoscopic visual effects. Most of the autostereoscopic 3D work pursues the effect that the display becomes an extension of the environment, the idea of a screen is erased, and they are visually physical. We want to create a new approach to work around the idea of phygitality...

/20221011/ _ work [bimbo disaster] tag: [work] [phygital] [digi]
classification: TUNICA Magazine Issue No.8 “Reloaded”
collaborator: TUNICA Magazine & Kate Biel

Commissioned by TUNICA Magazine to collaborate with photographer Kate Biel, we have created digital environments with 3D scanned objects to nest the model within. This series of works is on the theme of reflecting on the current bimbo culture. The result also showcases the phygital knitwear material, which is simulated from hair to hair based on how knitwear is created in real life...

/20220901/ _ work [concealed]
tag: [work] [phygital] [digi]
classification: 12th International Fiberart Biennale Exhibation installation
location: Yunnan Provicnal Museum Yunnan China
collaborator: Fanglu Lin

team: Yibo Yuan

Commissioned by the 12th International Fiberart Biennale committee, our team created new techniques on phygital fabrication to disassemble and reassemble the structure, the physics, and the appearance of the existing material that has a standardized fabrication workflow...

/20220525/ _ work [force fit]
tag: [work] [automavision] [phygital] [digi]
classification: Capri 22 international workshop
location: Capri Italy
organizer: Aaron Betsky & Francesco Delogu

A landscape-developing game, Force Fit, is created. Participants could create a Capri landscape by dropping pre-made landscape modules and accumulating new structures and items. Each landscape module contains narrow roads, sharp turns, stone garden walls, roofs, and residential façades, which illustrate the current landscape of Capri...

/20220427/ _ metarial lab [stir the pot]
tag: [work] [phygital] [digi]
classification: 2022 Virginia Tech School of Arch + Design Award
location: Blacksburg Virginia USA
team: Yixuan Cai

weight: 97,071 kb

All objects at the scene are collected from John Hejduk's work "Victims." Those "little monsters" have been simulated and puffed up to transition away from their original geometrical, strict, and hardcore forms...

/20220111/ _ work [bleu]
tag: [work] [phygital] [digi]
classification: Adidas 3a storefront installation
location: HKRI Taikoo Hui Shanghai China & Sino-Ocean Taikoo Li Chengdu China
collaborator: Fanglu Lin
team: Yibo Yuan, Yifan Zhang

The installation project is commissioned by adidas for the adidas 3a storefronts in Shanghai and Chengdu. This is the creative process in motion channeling the collection photoshoot. There is a sense of the erratic, the backstage, the unchoreographed...

/20211224/ _ work [abuja bodega]
tag: [work] [phygital] [digi]
classification: digital storefront
team: Yu Cheng Huang, Austin Lightle, Yifan Zhang, Haodong Zhang, Zhipeng Zhang

Commissioned by Kevin Jones, the formal NFL player creative director of Juba Studio, for the digital launch of a high fashion brand Abuja Bodega...
/20211128/ _ metarial lab [daitioi]
tag: [metariallab] [phygital] [digi]
classification: metarial experiment
team: Yixuan Cai
weight: 159,309 kb

It is a piece of steak. It has been taken apart following a digital template and then put back together. It is serviced on a Chinese porcelain plate with one clove of fried garlic and fresh rosemary. Oh, there is also a Pantone color card for color reference. It is textured with marble and cloth. It grows like a plant. It is a piece of steak...
/20210929/ _ work [swiss sausage]tag: [work] [phygital] [digi]
classification: Basel Pavillon 2022
location: Basel Switzerland
collaborator: Kaiho Yu
status: Unsuccessful

The proposal will convert the recycled material into multiple piles of synthetic material chunks. By collecting the abandoned building components from the area of Basel, the pavillon will illustrate how we can reinvent the material properties with a series of workflows. A pavillon constructed for play and leisure will be a medium to transmit the idea for a new circular strategy for local recyclable material...
/20210316/ _ work [the form of dark chambers]tag: [work] [automavision] [phygital] [digi]
classification: automavision experiment
A digital camera with visualized frustum can be the mold to reshape "the form that matters." This study is responding to an ongoing topic of understanding computer software and hardware limitation. The form can be optimized by how it will be viewed. This workflow is designed with the idea of misusing given tools. It becomes a guideline for an architecture seminar at Virginia Tech in the 2021 Fall semester, "Automavision I: The Depth of Frustums."...
/20201117/ _ work [thisisamountain]tag: [work] [automavision] [phygital] [digi] [phys]
classification: 2020 SCI-Arc graduate thesis
advisor: Peter Testa & Devyn Weiser
cultural agent: Marrikka Trotter

There is no composer or conductor, but a system outside of myself created this film presentation. The environment is very inscrutable, but digital cameras put me in a situation I could never imagine. So we could poetize with our cultural background and experiences but not rationalize presented views. The cameras become a quasi-evaluation tool to unravel the spatial schematic...
/20191007/ _ work [home essentials]tag: [work] [phygital] [digi]
classification: Home Competitaion 2019
team: Haocheng Dai, Yue Di, Laure Michelon
status: honorable mention

Architects ████████████ impose ideas on the design of a home. We are proposing an alternative, less political process that taps into the subconscious of the mind and bypasses traditional approaches of home design. █████ we can find how lifestyle influences one's subconscious and translates into architecture. We are not aiming to solve the homelessness problem, but instead to study this as a methodology of home design...