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20221005 /press/
He’s work “force fit” in capri italy is included in the artical at architect magazine written by aaron bestsky

20220920 /interview/
He is interviewed by sci-arc news to reflects on the power of limitations in building a better world

20220619 /conversation/
He talkes about He’s research direction and practice on the topic of “hybrid forms & virtual architecture” for the digitalfutures 2022 young scholar symposium

20220607 /lecture/
He gives a lecture at die angewandte university of applied arts vinnea to talk about phygital fabrication and create design work by collaborating with computers, on the topic of “your computer is your collaborator”

20220605 /lecture/
He gives a lecture at school of internation art about the joureny of developing a practice and teaching direction from the research topic established from He’s master thesis at sci-arc

20220320 /lecture/
He gives a lecture at genius factory, a china based architecture institution, on the topic of “我想重新定義建築與建築師 the new role of architects”

20220224 /lecture/
He gives a faculty lecture at virginia tech school of architecture + design on the topic of “quasi-autonomous workflows in automavision and phygital construction”

20211215 /other/
He sells his work “the form of dark chambers” in the auction to support black women in their architectural education organized by architecture for change 

20211025 /press/
He foundation lab student team projects “be a horder like me” at virginia tech is been featured by the school press

20210616 /conversation/
He talks about “the speculative design: phygital & architectural technologies” at the bartlett school ucl

20200102 /award/
He has received an honorable mention with the project “home essentials” for the 2019 home competition organized by arch out loud

20190725 /award/
He has been nominated with his project “augmented library aggregation” for the 2019 cgachitect 3d awards

20190208 /exhibation/
He exhibits “the play in architecture” at the oculus world trade center in new york city