_ the speculative design: phygital & architectural technologies

tag: [media] [conversation] [phygital]
date: 20210616 
external link: ucl.ac.uk/bartlett; youtube.providesng;
organiser/moderator: Provides Ng
speakers: Laure Michelon, Kaiho Yu, Nero Chenxuan He

20210616 /conversation/
He talks about “the speculative design: phygital & architectural technologies” at the Bartlett School UCL

'Speculative Design' is a series of roundtable seminars that discusses the meaning, impact, and applications of speculation in design. Speculation in finance is an anticipatory action taken to minimize options of the opponent, where information feedback is used to project multiple futures for purposes of decision-making in maximizing gain. Speculative design translates principles of time complexity into design - an interdisciplinary approach that takes into consideration feedback between all possible scenarios and parameters in identifying the optimal. What futures do speculative design speculate, and what are the futures of speculative design?

This seminar series is organized by Provides Ng, who invites talents worldwide to form conversations around their intercultural visions and to map the emerging discourses around speculative practices. Most importantly, to share with students their personal experiences in the constant search and redefinition of their roles and paths as interdisciplinary researchers, designers, and entrepreneurs.

This seminar invites Laure Michelon (SCI-Arc), Kaiho Yu (University of Applied Arts Vienna), Nero Chenxuan He (Virginia Tech) to share their interdisciplinary journey from structural, electrical, civil, and energy engineering and business major to their contemporary investigation in speculative design - Architectural Technologies and the Phygital. Laure Michelon is an architectural technologist and designer with a focus in architecture, machine learning, energy analysis and fashion. Kaiho’s research and practice focus on new media, digital simulation and robotic technologies - Non-stop Phygital Exchange. Nero has been developing workflows in Automavision on Phygital Construction.