_ young scholar symposium: hybrid forms & virtual architecture

tag: [media] [conversation] [phygital]
date: 20220619 
external link: youtube.DigitalFUTURESworld;
organiser/moderator: Philip Feng Yuan, Chao Yan
speakers: Zigeng Wang, Liang Wang, David Eskenazi, Nero Chenxuan He

20220619 /conversation/
He talkes about He’s research direction and practice on the topic of “hybrid forms & virtual architecture” for the digitalfutures 2022 young scholar symposium

Invited by DigitalFUTURES, He leads a seminar on Phygital Construction : Land of Monsters. The DigitalFutures Young Scholar Symposium is created to kick off the 2022 summer seminar series. He joins the 3rd session to have a roundtable discussion with Zigeng Wang (CAFA), Liang Wang (GSD), and David Eskenazi (SCI-Arc) on the topic of “Hybrid Forms & Virtual Architecture”.