_ the form of dark chambers

tag: [work] [automavision] [phygital] [digi]
date: 20210316
classification: automavision experiment
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Film director Yasujiro Ozu uses a long diagonal camera to emphasize depth. To Ozu, every relevant subject must be viewed. The only true thing is whatever is filmed. Nothing happened beyond the image. He blurs the line between what is subjective and what is objective.

Inspired by Yasuijro Ozu's filming style, a digital camera with visualized frustum can be the mold to reshape "the form that matters." This study is responding to an ongoing topic of understanding computer software and hardware limitation. The form can be optimized by how it will be viewed. This workflow is designed with the idea of misusing given tools. It becomes a guideline for an architecture seminar at Virginia Tech in the 2021 Fall semester, "Automavision I: The Depth of Frustums."