_ stir the pot

tag: [metariallab] [phygital] [digi]
date: 20220427
classification: 2022 Virginia Tech School of Arch + Design Award
location: Blacksburg Virginia USA
team: Yixuan Cai
weight: 97,071 kb

We are invited to design the graphic for the 2022 Virginia Tech School of Arch + Design Award.

Objects at the scene are collected from John Hejduk's work "Victims," an entry for the 1984 Prinz-Albert-Palais competition in Berlin for the construction of a memorial park. Those "little monsters" have been simulated and puffed up to transition away from their original geometrical, strict, and hardcore forms. With the helping hand from a computer, they slowly become something weird, something playful, sometimes random and unexpected, and something special.

Hejduk described his work as "a construction of time" with some of the structures embodying the subject of the passing of time, like the clock turntable, the pendulum, and the cantilevered hourglass. But here, in this melting pot, time becomes another design dimension. By the honey dipper mixing all the "ingredients," we see objects, echoing from their 40-year-old origin, start exchanging, mix-and-matching, and dancing around in newly customized material trench coats. Each scene has been produced out of a frame of this simulated animation. Timelessness no longer existed. A slice of times has been delivered to the table. When we are amazed or weirded out by the outcome, they all connect and belong to one wholesome, stretched-out timeline. It is everything, everywhere, allatonce, with everyone.