_ Virginia Tech 22FA He foundation lab : eyes of medusa

tag: [teaching] [phygital] [digi] [phys] [virginiatech]
date: 20221205
class: 2022 fall VT first year foundation lab : eyes of medusa
instructor: Nero Chenxuan He
review guests: James Bassett, Aaron Betsky, Enrique Ruiz Geli, Luis Borunda, Ellen Braaten, Virginia Melnyk, Isaac Mangual-Martinez, Miranda Shugars, Madision Cook, Bill Green
students: Ghadeer Al-Hassan, Camden Baker, Ira Carling, Amr Elamin, Isaiah Eneliko, Daniela Evans, Ally Hagyard, Hudeeja Ijaz, Karen Le, Sarika Maganahalli, Makena Mclaughlin, Callie Mikita, Dana Nurgaliyeva, Luis Núñez, Lilly Olejnicki, Jake Pabis, Manuel Quinones, Charan Rathnagirish, Madison Thompson, Elijah Trumbo, Nivisha Vikraman, Maggie Whitt

“I cannot do a building without building a new repertoire of characters, of stories, of language, and it’s all parallel. It’s not just building per se, it’s building worlds.”
— John Hejduk

Students took objects from their daily life and tried to use different design techniques to reform all objects into different parts to create John Hejduk monsters. This project attempts to engage with as many facilities as possible to understand how digital material could be translated into physical ones. Besides the ability to craft well, students are learning how digital models have consequences, so they have to work with the physicality of the model within a digital environment.

The final product is entirely in the exchange of two mediums that leave different residues. Assets were collected and curated in our first project, and now they are revisited and “resee” with different objectives. Besides just image making as a result of the first project, we are exploring the dark side of the moon, the behind, the hidden, and the undiscovered.